Please answer each question as honestly as possible.  If you are unsure of an answer, choose the closest one.  There is no right or wrong answer.


1) In company do you tend to 

  ___Start up conversations

  ___Wait to be approached


2) Do you live more

  ___In the world as it is

  ___The realm of possibility


3) Do you most often see things

  ___With your eyes wide open

  ___In your minds eye


4) When dealing with others do you tend to be 

  ___Gentle and sympathetic

  ___Firm and objective


5) In discussions to you care more about

  ___Making strong arguments

  ___Finding points of agreement


6) As a job wraps up do you want to

  ___Tie up all loose ends

  ___Start on something else


7) When deciding things do you usually

  ___Make up your mind quickly

  ___Prefer to wait and see


8) In a new job or class to you tend to

  ___Make friends easily

  ___Keep more to yourself


9) Do you consider yourself more




10) To solve problems do you rely more on

  ___Common sense 

  ___Your own analysis


11) Are you more comfortable giving people

  ___Honest criticism

  ___Approval and encouragment


12) Do you base your decisions more on

  ___Impersonal data

  ___Personal wishes


13) Do you find that schedules

  ___Give needed structure

  ___Are too restrictive.


14) Would you rather be seen as




15) At parties do you like to

  ___Meet and chat with everyone

  ___Enjoy a few close friends.


16) Do you more often feel

  ___In touch with your surroundings

  ___Lost in thought


17) Facts...

  ___Speak for themselves

  ___Suggest principles


18) Are you inclined to be

  ___Cool and collected

  ___Warm and enthusiastic


19) In evaluating others are you usually

  ___Frank and straight forward

  ___Friendly and considerate


20) Going on vacation do prefer to

  ___Make plans in advance

  ___Go where the road leads you


21) Are you happier

  ___Getting things settled

  ___Exploring alternatives


22) Does being with groups of people tend to

  ___Energize you

  ___Wear you out


23) Are you better at

  ___Noticing details 

  ___Seeing the big picture


24) Childhood is best spent developing

  ___Physical and social skills

  ___Worlds of make believe


25) Which do you admire more in others

  ___Strength of will

  ___Strength of feeling


26) Which rules you more

  ___Your head

  ___Your heart


27) Is a mess something you usually

  ___Want straightened up

  ___Something you can live with


28) Do you spend money

  ___Pretty carefully

  ___More on impulse


29) Do you think of yourself as

  ___Outgoing and expressive

  ___Quiet and reserved


30) Are you more

  ___Nuts and bolts type of person

  ___An inventive type person


31) Are you more likely to trust

  ___Your experiences

  ___Your insights


32) Do you consider yourself

  ___Tough minded



33) Which do you value more in yourself

  ___Being reasonable

  ___Being devoted


34) Would you say you are more

  ___Definate and determined

  ___Casual and easygoing


35) Do you feel better about

  ___Coming to closure

  ___Keeping your options open


36) Do you prize in yourself

  ___A strong grasp of reality

  ___A complex imagination


37) Are you swayed more by

  ___Convincing evidence

  ___A touching appeal


38) Do you prefer to 

  ___Plan free time

  ___Just see what turns up







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