Role Description Party Host

Party Host creates a safe, fun and personalized birthday parties, where the birthday child is the center of attention.  They ensure smiles, laughter, excitement, and positive emotions, resulting in meaningful memories that will last a lifetime.



  * Planning, organizing, personalizing, and facilitating birthday parties that deliver a  safe, fun and active         party for the children, value packed and hassle free for the parents.

  * Welcome all party guests with a smile, and review party format and agenda with parents.

  * Facilitate the party staging area while waiting for remaining guests.

    + Organize game or activity to keep guests interested and having fun while waiting.

    + Uncover personal favorites of the birthday child to include in the party.

  * Stay with the party the entire time.

    + Lead and facilitate children in safe, organized, fun, and unique games and activities.

    + Interact with children and parents throughout all phases of the birthday party while being prepared for      the next group to arrive.

    + Prepare, assist with the smooth transition and set up of chosen attractions.

  * Facilitate serving, clearing and reset of entire party room celebration.

    + Ensure requested food is properly displayed and served within the party room.

    + Always interact and engage with guests.

    + Keep party room looking crisp, fresh and aesthetically pleasing at all times.

  * Always work with safety and cleanliness as top of mind at all times.

  * Finalize party balance and ensure that it is paid prior to departure of guests.

  * Report any misconduct of patrons/employees to management immediately.  This includes stealing,             damaging of equipment or drug or alcohol use.

  * Notice opportunities to take action to facilitate social interactions with families.

  * Look for moments to perform your signature move and interact with guests on a regular basis.    

  * Perform other duties as required.



Leadership Capabilities

Customer Service


Positive Communication


Time Management







Prior experience working with children is great; recreation, camp or sports counselor, drama experience is a plus.






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