Everyone needs a little high-speed excitement sometimes.  Our high performance 9 hp go karts will thrill you on the curves, turns, and exhilarating straight away.  We offer both single and double go karts with a 4-point harness system. All rides are 6 laps.  The track is nearly 1/2 mile long.

Single Seat Cart

Must be 48" Tall

$8.50 Per Cart

Double Seat Cart

Drivers must be at least 16 years old.

Passengers have to be less than 54" Tall

$9.50 Per Cart

Kiddie Carts

Must be 43" Tall




7 Zip Lines (Including 2 of the fastest!)

2 Sky Bridges

90 minute long tours on average

1-3 People in a group ~ $55/person

4+ People in a group ~ $45/person

90 minute long tours on average


2 Zip Lines (2 of the longest)

20-30 minute long tours on average


Closed Toe Shoes

Minimum Weight = 40 lbs

Maximum Weight = 275 lbs

No dangle earings


Rock Wall

28 Ft Climbing Wall

3 Modes of Difficulty

$5 Per Person

Get suited up and climb to the top of our 28-foot climbing wall then push a special button that will let everyone know that you succeeded with a loud siren. Conquer those fears with excitement for a challenge that works best for you! 

Each person gets two attempts to reach the top.  Three modes of difficulty are available. Challenge yourself!



Air Hockey



Tokens range from .25 to $1.00



No Shoes

$4 Per Child


Soft Play

No Shoes

$8 Per Person

Water Wars

$4 Per Person


Mini - Golf

18 Holes

6.50 Per Person

If you get a hoel in one on the last hole you get a free game!

Fun Zone

Two different kinds of inflatables! ($4 unlimited)

Water Wars! ($4 per play)

*Must have socks for inflatables, bouncy house, and treehouses


100' Super Slide

100 Ft Slide!

$5 unlimited slides!

30 Ft Tall!



Trackless train ride around the park!

$3 Per Person (Infants are FREE)


Kid friendly alternative to paintball! Great for kids 4+

Low Impact!

No mess! (Wear any type of clothes)

We provide goggles and gear!

Great for birthday parties

$6 per person!  For 500 rounds.