Attraction Attendant

Attraction Attendants monitor and operate attractions safely while assuring a memorable visit for all guests.



  * Greet all guests as they approach the attraction with a friendly smile and fun                                             acknowledgement.

  * Assist guest awareness or questions on how to use attraction or gam, clarify and enforce all attraction         safety rules.

  * Explain the attraction and rules in a fun, safe encouraging way.

  * Execute your role's guest service performance standards on a daily basis and ensure they are never             compromised.

  * Notice opportunities and take action to facilitate social interactions with families.

  * Look for moments to surprise, engage guests with enthusiasm and go above and beyond using your own     authentic personality.

  * Create and perform your own "signature move" and interact with guests on an  ongoing basis.

  * Responsible for general cleanliness of attraction and surroundings.

  * Operate and monitor attraction maintaining saftey and cleanliness at all times.

  * Assist guests with any special requests or special needs. Safety First.

  * When safety is in doubt, refrain from allowing more guests in/on attraction and  locate a manager.

  * Communicate with manager/owners any necessary maintenance or repair issues.

  * Follow all procedures regarding safety, injury, emergency situations that may occur while working your       position.

  * Be knowledgeable about all other attractions and facilities to respond with accuracy  to all guest                 requests.

  * Report any misconduct of guests and/or employees to management immediately.   This includes stealing,     damage of equipment/property, drug/alcohol use, etc.

  * Perform other duties assigned



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