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Frequently Asked Questions


 * Do I need to make a reservation?   Reservations are not required but are recommended.  You may also contact us by email if        you want to reserve days in advance.


 * Are credit cards accepted?  Yes-Visa, Master Card, Discover, (we do not accept American Express)


 * What about under age supervision?  Anyone under 18 must have a waiver filled out by parent or guardian. Everyone of Any age is required to fill out a waiver.


 * Is there a waiver?  Yes, all participants must fill out a waiver.  Available at ticket office.


 * Are there any restrictions?  Yes, minimum wt is 40 lbs, maximum wt is 275 lbs. Must be able to fit in the harness safely. Must be able to lift 15lbs.                                    Must not have any heart condition, conditions involving neck and back or any other medical concerns.   Pregnant women are        advised not to zip. 

   Guests must be prepared for light physical activity involving climbing ladders, climbing stairs, and short walks.


    Kentucky Shores/T Rex Adventures is not obligated to complete tour if participants are endangering the safety of                         themselves others or the environment. Refunds will not be provided if any of the above restrictions are violated.


 * What should I bring?  REQUIRED Closed toe shoes-no crocs or flip flops.  Be advised that Western Kentucky weather can change quickly. Dress in layers and remove rings and dangling earrings.  No storage is available at Kentucky Shores.  We are not liable for lost or stolen items.


 * What if I am afraid of heights?  Many people are afraid of heights, but they just don't admit it, and we understand that some        people may be apprehensive about climbing to such heights. Our tour is designed to help you through the fear. You train on        cables close to the ground before going up on the course. Given that our ziplines provide training before zipping and our staff is fully equipped to provide safety and guidance refunds will not be given if a person changes their mind. If you are not sure you want to zipline you are more than welcome to watch zipliners first before deciding to purchase. Two of our trained staff will accompany you throughout the tour.  At no time will you ever be detached from life saving cable. The entire course  and all equipment is inspected daily.  At no point will you be forced to do anything you are uncomfortable with.


 * Do you have a cancellation policy?  Cancellations made 72 hours of departure will be charged full tour price.  We reserve the         right to cancel due to bad weather, foreseeable hazards, or events beyond our control.  We will re-book your tour immediately       or give you a voucher good for one year.


 * What about health requirements?  Anyone with high blood pressure or heart conditions should consult a  physician.  Zipping is      not recommended for anyone terrified of heights, experiencing dizziness, seizures, or any other physical impairment.


 * What is the maximum group size?  Currently we can handle 8 people in one group ( a few more if they are smaller in size).  If         your group is larger, contact us so we can make sure we have staff to handle the larger group.


 * I have family and friends who want to watch and not zip, can they?  There is limited seating at the zip line course.  We   also         have numerous attractions and rides across the street at Kentucky Shores.


 * When do I need to arrive?  We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to reservation.  Please come to the  arcade/ticket office at      Kentucky Shores.


 * How much should I tip?  Tipping is not required, but is greatly appreciated by our Sky Rangers.


 * Are there group rates?  Yes please contact us.

   They are available on the zip line page, by calling (270) 362-4774 or at the ticket office.




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